Building a Successful Intranet Business Case Seminar London 2013




Are you looking to get your new intranet project up and running? In this seminar you will discover all the essential elements you need to include in a solid business case to get the result you want.

If you;

A. Don’t know how to convince colleagues or senior management that a new intranet is a good decision


B. Are not sure what makes a new intranet business case successful

Don’t miss out on this free seminar which will take you through the key stages & considerations:

  • Future proofing you intranet
  • Understanding user requirements
  • Creating clear business objectives
  • Measuring return on investment ROI


  • Building a Business Case
  • Interact Customer Case Study
  • Projecting ROI
  • Hands on time with Interact Intranet
  • Networking Lunch
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