Business Analytics Strategy Summit Orlando 2013




Join us to take part in the most case-study oriented business analytics program available on the market and take away new insight and information on successfully implementing an organization-wide business analytics program and vision.

Benefits of Attending Include:

  • Gain real-time customer insights from analyzing social media data.
  • Turn insight into meaningful action by effectively capturing data.
  • Define the necessary changes and implement processes to ensure the sustainability of an analytical culture.
  • Scrutinize performance patterns to identify new and better ways of working.
  • Combine problem solving and data analysis skills with technology to increase business effectiveness and deliver bottom-line benefits

Featured Sessions:

  • Driving Analytics Adoption
  • Metrics & Indicators to Generate Full Value from Business Analytics that Improve Financial & Operational Results
  • Using Data to Target the Right Market for the Right Sale at Paychex
  • Show Me the Numbers: Driving Decision Making with Big Data
  • Embedded Capital Allocation Planning Tools for Innovation & Growth
  • The Three Sharpest Tools in the Business Analytics Shed: Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting
  • Exploring the Differences between Business Analytics & Business Intelligence: Clear as Mud
  • Pairing Creativity with Analytics: Frame it & They will Come
  • Letting Bygones be Bygones: The Importance of Unstructured Data: Defining the “Now” to Predict Tomorrow
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