CMSWire's Google Hangout: Better Web Experiences Using Marketing Automation


Web Experience Management (WEM) is about more than managing a great website. It's about presenting a seamless contextual experience across many digital channels. Marketing automation (MA) is the process taking manual marketing processes and automating them where possible, thereby improving lead generation. These might look like two separate processes, but in reality there are many overlapping functionalities. In fact, apply marketing automation processes to web experience management may just help improve the web experience. That's exactly the topic of CMSWire's first official Google Hangout: Better Web Experience using Marketing Automation.

Join CMSWire on February 20th at 12 EST as we take a look at how companies can build better web experiences with the help of marketing automation (MA).

The Questions:

  1. Start by defining MA and WEM -- what in your mind is the core purpose of each?
  2. MAP and WEM overlap in a number of ways (landing pages, forms, activity tracking, a quest for relevancy, visitor profiles, CRM integration and of course, data). What are the opportunities and challenges for WEM vendors to integrate with MA to improve WEM?
  3. Thinking in terms of integration, do efforts like WEMI hold promise for better interoperability, integration and data sharing between WEM and MAP platforms going forwards? Will there be other standardization efforts for integrating/sharing "context"?
  4. Where do you see the future of WEM heading, in terms of digital marketing platforms?

The Panelists

  • Tom Wentworth -- Chief Marketing Officer, Acquia
  • Beth Torrie -- Vice President of Strategic Engagement, Sitecore
  • Tom O'Brien -- Vice President of Products, Ektron
  • Brennan Carlson -- Vice President of Product & Strategy, Lyris
  • Roland Benedetti --Vice President of Product Services, eZ Systems

Hope to see you there!

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