Content Strategies Summit Miami 2013




Storytelling with purpose. Meeting your brand, business, and user-experience goals. We are facing content-overload that is tweeted, posted, uploaded, “liked”, and streamed 24/7. This event will rediscover the value of purposeful content that meets your business, brand, and user-experience goals. By bringing together the best of the best, we aim to make sense of the wealth of content in the digital world. This is the most practical, real world event of its kind, where corporate practitioners in content strategy, marketing and user-experience design come together to share ways to better manager, create, publish and deliver content in a content-chaotic world.

The web, social and mobile revolutions have forever changed the world connecting all of us and enabling the seamless flow of constant, instant information. Large brands are no protected goliath brands and anyone or brand can become an instant phenomenon.

We’ve entered an equal opportunity playground where large advertising budgets no longer monopolize consumer attention. Technology and the fast consumer adoption of it has leveled out the playing field, giving brands of all sizes and budgets the opportunity to win over the heart, mind and wallet share.

Marketing is not just about promotion – it’s about building relationships, trust and positive emotions. The amount of content and messaging being delivered to consumers every day is increasing exponentially. And so, a content strategy can make or break not only you marketing but even your entire business.

Presenting the Content Strategies Summit – where conversationalists come together to champion Storytelling with Purpose.

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