ConveyUX Seattle 2013




ConveyUX is about making software easier and more enjoyable to use through a strong focus on better communication techniques.

The bottom line in any human-facing software application is whether our users can accomplish their goals. Clear communication is the link between the bits and the brain. Providing effective communication in software development requires attention to the nuances of language, the importance of research, and the context of delivery device.

This conference is for you if you want to:

  • Ensure the content you’re developing is actually communicating effectively with users.
  • Adapt your communication strategies to interactions with touch, hand gestures, and voice.
  • Meet and discuss important challenges and issues in a fun, collegial atmosphere.
Featuring experienced practitioners who will present a blend of short, inspiring talks with longer, more in-depth workshops. The content is centered about three key areas:
  • Wordage and Visual Design
  • User Analysis and Testing
  • Mobile and Multi-screen
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