Cooper U Design Leadership Training San Francisco 2013




Ever had an innovative and beautiful idea that never saw the light of day? Feel like your organization believes in the value of design, but prioritizes deadlines over fully developed ideas? These are symptoms of unhealthy communication and collaboration. If you feel frustrated, alone, or powerless, we can introduce you to principles and practices that will give you more influence over the outcomes of your interactions with others.

In this intensive, two-day course you will learn from Cooper experts who’ve been coaching companies to deliver better products and services for 20 years. Learn how to diagnose the unique challenges your team or organization is facing and get to the root of the communication roadblocks. Get hands on experience with communications tools like storytelling to promote big ideas and get buy in. Use collaborative techniques that help you create an environment that invites participation. Afterwards, you’ll have the ability to guide the creation of products and services that are financially viable, technically feasible, and that your customers love. Most of all you’ll have the skills to become a leader in your organization.

Who should attend:

  • Designers who want to create buy-in and build credibility within their organizations
  • Product managers, developers, marketers, and technology experts
  • Anyone who is committed to a great user experience and wants to communicate more effectively

Course topics include:

  • Communicating design at multiple levels to stakeholders in order to solicit appropriate feedback
  • Setting expectations and understanding the mindset of people in other disciplines
  • Balancing brainstorming sessions with generative and evaluative thinking
  • Designing workshops and communication tools that lead toward a shared product vision
  • How to successfully communicate in-progress design to developers and stakeholders
  • Explaining interaction framework through the lens of the user’s experience

You will learn to:

  • Generate ideas with multiple disciplines involved
  • Understand different perspective to more effectively tailor communication
  • Explain interaction frameworks without having all of the details figured out
  • Bring events to life through storytelling
  • Balance business and technical tradeoffs without sacrificing user experience
  • Include everyone in the design process; participation leads to buy-in
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