Corporate Communication Management Conference




To meet the challenge of a changing business landscape, new corporate communication strategies is required to shape attitudes and beliefs of your internal and external audience. The Conference Board and the NYU Public Relations and Corporate Communication School for Continuing and Professional Studies is pleased to collaborate and present to you the latest trends and issues in corporate communication management. During this conference, sessions will cover:

  • 360 Degrees of Influence: Communication Leadership that Delivers Results
  • Transparency and Trust: Secrets that Win Support for New Initiatives
  • Strategic Corporate Communication and Execution: Developing a Framework for Breakthrough Results
  • Social Engagement: Using Social Media Channels to Enter the Conversation
  • Aligning Your Corporate Reputation With New Marketplace Realities
  • Issues Management: Leveraging and Maximizing Your Influence
  • Building Corporate Credibility
  • Employee Engagement and Communication: Creating an Engaged and Productive Workforce
  • Integrated Corporate Communication Solutions: Staying on the Front End of Rapidly Changing Trends

If you’re involved with internal or external communication, corporate affairs, and organizational effectiveness, please plan to attend this conference. You’ll find this program stimulating, useful, and incredibly informative.

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