CRM 2014 Nice




The premier event for SAP® sales, marketing, e-commerce, service, and interaction center management.

It’s all about the customer! When I talk to business leaders these days most of them are saying that
their number one priority is to better engage with their customers in order to grow their business.
And according to a recent global McKinsey survey (“Bullish on Digital”) among top executives
more and more companies are making “digital” customer engagement a high strategic priority; but
the report also reveals that many worry about underinvesting in such programs.

Clearly, in the age of the digital customer, old recipes no longer work. In today’s connected world
customers have changed the rules of engagement. Your efforts to increase internal efficiency and to
boost front office effectiveness may help you to stay in the game (for a little while) but it is no
longer enough to win let alone to change the game to your advantage and gain a competitive edge.

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