Customer Experience Strategies Summit West Vancouver 2013




Deliver consistent and excellent customer service to gain the competitive edge. Providing exceptional customer experience has become essential to any modern business strategy. With limited and increasingly savvy customers, your organization must deliver an experience that sets you both apart and ahead.

This summit brings together renowned leaders from many corners of the customer experience world. Deliver the knowledge you need to foster loyal, long-term customers to ensure your company’s sustainability.

Hear from the leaders and take away these KEY BENEFITS:

  • Sustain your customer experience successes
  • Embrace demographic challenges
  • Develop emerging channels
  • Measure customer experience outcomes
  • Foster executive commitment
  • Build customer-centric cultures
  • Realign operational structures around the customer
  • Transform the B2B client experience
  • Design exceptional digital experiences
  • Achieve touch-points consistency
  • Utilize customer insights
  • Build engagement strategies

Take advantage of this elite summit to network and learn directly from others about the practices that can elevate your organization to the next level of customer experience.

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