Customer Loyalty Marketing Summit Orlando 2013




Every day inboxes around the world are flooded with discount offer emails, invitations to membership programs, and LIMITED TIME OFFERS! With the whole world at our fingertips, it seems as if everyday there is a new discount service website, savings club to join or review website that transmits our opinions to the masses. With every company investing in loyalty programs and targeted marketing campaigns to hook their customers and provide real value, how do you build a program that sets you apart?

The Customer Loyalty Marketing Summit is your one-stop for all of the latest trends, technologies, and approaches for engaging and retaining customers. Join us as we highlight the most successful emerging trends in the use of social media, building personalized customer experiences and providing services that will convert your customers into your greatest champions. Learn how to build a relationship with your customers that will not only increase your exposure and business, but lead to that all-powerful referral that we are all after.

Featured Sessions:

  • Do We Know Our Customers as Well as We Think We Do: Using the Right Data to Drive Decisions
  • Understanding Customer Behaviors: Location, Location, Location.
  • Lost in Translation: Ensuring there are No Borders for Your Message
  • Loyal By Association: Are Promotional Partners Long-term Solutions?
  • Segmentation: The Basic Elements of Customer Data
  • Making Promise, Keeping Promises: Building Brand And Loyalty Through Customer Experience
  • and more!
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