Customer Service Experience Conference New York 2014




Whether we are talking about automation and self-service, multichannel implementations, or even transforming into a customer-centric organization, the speed and extent of the changes seem to always be increasing. Naturally, this can be overwhelming.

The Customer Service Experience conference, co-located with the ever-growing CRM Evolution and SpeechTEK conferences, is the answer to your thirst for knowledge about customer service. Bringing together seasoned practitioners with detailed case studies, expert consultants who have done the work, and sage thought leaders with excellent methodologies and frameworks to help you understand the present and prepare for the future, the conference consists of a series of talks that cover the following:

  • Customer experience from nonexistent to advance implementations
  • Journey mapping and understanding the customers' desires for interaction and engagement
  • Transitions from isolated, single channels to integrated multichannels, and a discussion of omnichannels and how to achieve them
  • Real-life case studies, told by the practitioners who lived through them
  • Informative panels and discussions with peers undergoing the same challenges, willing to share their experiences and solutions
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