DAM New York: The Art & Practice of Managing Digital Media




Once again this annual New York City event is taking place at the Hilton New York on May 2 - 3 when we will begin our 2013 program of international Digital Asset Management events covering the very latest thinking and developments but never overlooking all the 'New to DAM' entrants to this rapidly expanding field. And at all times keeping our focus on the user -as ever it's all from the user's perspective.

What we will cover:

  • How DAM expertise and systems are becoming indispensable in a wide spectrum of enterprises
  • Important advances in technology and working practices
  • Monetization and gamification
  • Procurement, creative workflows and dispersed networks
  • Integrating Social Media Moderation into DAM
  • Video workflows
  • Management and integration with existing software and solving the interoperability challenge
  • Latest thinking on metadata and taxonomy solutions
  • Coping with the challenges of Big Data
  • DAM and novel apps
  • Building the right business case for DAM
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