Demand Forecasting Masterclass Kuala Lumpur 2012




Demand forecasting is a vital process that estimates the quantity of product or service that consumers will purchase. It is also the basic knowledge on how demand will fluctuate which help suppliers to keep the right amount of stock on hand. With demand forecasting ability and knowledge, it will be easier to meet the actual demands of customers and to increase efficiency of the business.

It is a unique opportunity to benefit from the 25 years of practice of the workshop facilitator who has worked in fast-changing environments and advised global companies in many B2C and B2B industries. He will emphasize how theory and reality match or mismatch , how technology changes the rules, and how to keep down-to-earth common sense prevalent. Active discussion and will be encouraged to foster experience sharing among attendees. He will highlight why forecasting is both a science and an art.

This two-day interactive course is designed to give a broad overview of Demand Forecasting processes and techniques, and to describe how the function fits within the organization. It will highlight the benefi ts to expect from improved forecast quality and critical behaviours which make forecasting successful in time. Delegates are welcome to bring their laptops with their own data sets as they will have the opportunity to tackle numbers and play roles in a forecast review session. Discussion between attendees is also expected to fuel experience exchange during the course.

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