Designing For Mobility Melbourne 2013




Designing for mobility 2013 is a single day, single track conference, about designing for all things mobile. Not just about mobile devices, this conference is about how we design for all the things we do when we’re not in front of a computer – whether that’s finding out things when you’re lost in the middle of a strange city; or using your phone, tablet and TV on the couch all at once. It will include interesting case studies, new methods & new approaches to old techniques.

The conference program covers a wide range of topics about designing for use of things while we’re mobile. We’ll look at how (or whether) our techniques and methods change when we are designing for mobile use. We’ll hear some interesting case studies from local practitioners. We’ll examine how our behaviour is changing as we’re able to do more away from computers.

We probably won’t talk much about mobile development, so don’t expect detailed answers on how to implement a feature across platforms. But do expect to learn about some of the key things you’ll need to know to discuss your designs with developers.

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