Digiday Exchange Summit Florida 2013




Digital advertising is in the midst of a revolution. The ability to separate data from media impression, along with technology that efficiently matches buyers and sellers, is changing the game for brands, agencies and publishers. The increasing pool of data, and the sophistication by which itís separated and recombined, has eliminated waste and made buying and selling more efficient but also complicated. These advances, while that started in display ads, are beginning to move well beyond and into all forms of advertising that is digital and targetable. The Digiday Exchange Summit will cut through the hyperbole and acronyms to address how brands, agencies and publishers are adjusting to the changing dynamics of modern media buying ó and how they are turning challenges into opportunities.

Digidayís conferences are editorially programmed to provide honest dialogue about important issues facing digital media ó with a specific focus on brands, advertisers and agencies. Digiday welcomes speaker submissions for those willing to take a stand on important, and sometimes controversial, topics.

Featured Sessions:

  • Kill the RFP
  • Programmatic Beyond DR
  • Complexity or Innovation?
  • The Future of Trading Desks
  • Escaping Commoditization
  • The Planner of the Future
  • Hypebusters: Itís Not All About Programmatic Buying
  • The Modern Sales Force
  • and more!
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