Digital Marketing Exchange London 2014




Rapidly advancing technology has given customers and consumers more power than ever before. They can buy from any brands, anywhere in the world, at any time, at the click of a button - and can tell billions of people in just seconds everything they think. As such, organisations face a maze of complexities when communicating and selling to these powerful customers, making it even more vital they ensure a consistent and integrated experience across all offline and online channels, whilst maintaining the stringent profit targets being set in this challenging economic climate – something a lot of digital marketers are struggling with.

The Digital Exchange brings together over 60 C-Suite, VPs and Directors of Digital Marketing, Marketing, Branding, Social and IT to debate and discuss the practicalities of balancing the needs of business, to ensure growth for long term success.

Join leading digital decision makers from FTSE and Global 500 brands and engage with the market’s most innovative solution providers in private, pre-scheduled one-to-one business meetings, to decide the future of your digital strategy.

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