Digital Media Summit Toronto 2013




Branding, marketing and multi-platform content integration is ever changing. Is your customer engagement and digital media strategy on par with global industry leaders? What are the top companies leading mobile, social, and digital media trends doing right? Find out at this year’s Digital Media Summit and connect with media and brand specialists that can help you fine tune your integrated Digital Media strategy.

DMS has recruited the best keynote speakers, panelists, and interactive workshops to provide insight, results, and key takeaways including:

  • Online Branding execution
  • Quality content development
  • Cross Platform Monetization
  • New Advertising Strategies
  • Mobile and Marketing Applications
  • Top Digital Media trends
  • Focus on marketing ROI
  • Community Strategy: Social media and blogging


  • Connect and network with brands, agencies, entertainment and digital executives
  • Explore the ROI potential of true consumer and fan engagement
  • Experience successful cross media brand integrations
  • Identify the key trends transforming and driving digital media
  • Get up to speed on marketing technology without being an engineer
  • Align your digital marketing with overall business goals
  • Improve your ability to manage multiple campaigns across multiple platforms
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