Disruptive Technologies and Innovation Minds Berlin 2013




More than 60 participants have used the Disruptive Technologies & Innovation Minds 2012, to gather information about current challenges, new approaches, trends and future developments in the field of disruptive technologies and innovation and technology management. With the 2nd Annual Meeting Disruptive Technologies & Innovation Minds 2013 builds on the successful meeting we.CONECT concept of mind and deepens the theme further. Top speakers from renowned companies present in an inspiring environment current case studies.

The Disruptive Technologies & Innovation Minds 2013 is not intended as a pure lecture. Key issues to be addressed as part of an ice breaker session, a round table format and a World Café. Participants will discuss their experiences, participate in the phenomenon of collective intelligence and develop practical ways to continue even earlier to market changes respond or be proactive with open market products and business models to.

Visit the 2nd Annual Meeting Disruptive Technologies & Innovation Minds 2013 and meet top speakers from renowned companies. Use our interactive B2B platform and experience exciting and profitable experiences with counterparts from the fields of technology and innovation management, research and development, strategic business planning, corporate venture capital and M & A.

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