E-Com and IT International Conference Sri Lanka 2013




Recent research indicates that the e-commerce market is growing at a rapid pace revenues are set to increase to US$40 billion globally in the next 5 years. As people are spending more time on social networks, shopping and socializing activities in the real world are beginning to converge online as well.. The convergence of mobile technology and social media has created infinite ways to engage with consumers who are always connected, browsing, comparing, and buying. Overcoming the challenges of how to integrate online consumers into the purchasing process are vital to know. Marketers need to update their understanding of the role internet technology plays in the marketing funnel, from a channel for driving awareness and leads to a retail channel for driving conversion, loyalty and advocacy.

Attend this conference to find out the latest research on how e- commerce is evolving, the opportunities it presents, how to integrate it into an overall strategy.

Featured Topics:

  • e-Marketing and e-financing
  • Mobile commerce model and platform
  • Econometric models of e-commerce
  • Grid computing and P2P technology in e-commerce
  • Network protocol design for e-commerce
  • Web service and web data management
  • Log management and database security
  • Security of mobile commerce
  • Biometric identification
  • GPS and location service
  • Mobile payment and accounting
  • and more!
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