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The next will be the now in about 18 months.

Digital marketing moves faster than any other market on earth. That makes peering into the future a kind of mission-critical activity. But by ‘the future’ we don’t mean five years away — that would be ridiculous. We mean the next 12-18 months. A timescale you can do something about; a timescale you can build into your plans.

The Future of Digital Marketing (FODM), now in its 8th year, is the only place all year where senior digital marketers (client-side and agency) can do three things:

  • Get a quick, concentrated dose of insight into what’s around the corner
  • Compare notes with the most ambitious, innovative and interesting marketers in the game.
  • Get a potent shot of adrenalin to take back to the office.

In just one day, learn about the future of digital marketing from those leading the way. Get inside the minds of expert practitioners and leading thinkers to find out what needs to be in your development plans if you're to be among the best.

Give us a day, we’ll give you a new perspective on your day job. With a healthy wallop of ideas, inspiration and energy to bring back to the fray.

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