Edge Conference London 2013




Edge is a different kind of conference, for developers with experience to share, who want to see and bring improvements to the web platform. Our emphasis is on creating a good environment for productive debate and discussion, rather than presenting the experiences of a single speaker. A new kind of one-day conference on advanced web technologies for developers and browser vendors.

  • Discuss the latest web platform technologies
  • Debate what’s broken, and how we can fix it
  • Focus attention where it's needed

Each themed session is an hour long, and starts with a maximum 10 minute talk by an expert in that topic, outlining the current state of the platform in that area. Expect this to be a fast moving and dense blast of information to get you thinking. The remainder of the session will be given over to an open but structured discussion, with a professional moderator and a panel of seasoned developers who have in-depth knowledge of the subject. They’ve been there, done it, and often bring different perspectives on how we can solve problems.

Session participants will include the lead speaker, a number of additional panellists, a moderator, and a notetaker to record the discussion so we can share it on the web later.

The session programme at Edge is designed to ensure that the day covers a broad swathe of topics, giving each equal weight. It's open to anyone, and is designed to be a simple and practical way to connect web developers with browser developers.

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