Forrester's Customer Experience Forum West Los Angeles 2012




At this Event, we'll confront a new imperative: creating and nurturing a system of interdependent, self-reinforcing practices that align internal employees and external partners and the processes, policies, and technology that enable them to do their jobs around customers.

This is not just the same old “focus on the customer” message. It requires a new way to manage companies, looking deep into every process and incentive to see whether it supports the overall goal: to deliver a great customer experience.


Why is customer experience the greatest untapped source of cost savings and increased revenue today?

What is the key to understanding and taking control of your customer experience ecosystem?

What are the six essential customer experience disciplines?

Which companies have adopted best-in-class customer experience practices?

How do customer experience strategies drive differentiating activities and processes at top companies?

Which organizations appoint a chief customer officer to lead their customer experience efforts?

What is the future of customer experience?

How can you design an enterprisewide customer experience?

How can you measure the results of your customer experience efforts?

Who Should Attend?

Chief customer officers and other executives in charge of enterprisewide customer experience.

Customer Experience Professionals who work on digital channels like websites and mobile apps.

Senior-level executives who are responsible for setting organizational strategy.
Business executives who set objectives for driving consumer sales and profitability.
Executives who lead eCommerce initiatives.

Marketing and strategy executives charged with understanding the needs of their customers.

Why Attend?

C-level keynotes from Fortune 1000 executives.

Role-based and industry track sessions.

One-On-One Meetings with more than 30 Forrester analysts.

Peer networking with more than 900 attending executives and professionals.

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