Forrester's Forum For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals EMEA 2013




Digital disrupts business models and value streams, introduces new competitive threats, and comes with new demands from your customers and employees.

Your leaders demand new strategies, new architectures, new ecosystems, and new competencies. Your infrastructure and operations strategies now play a central role in achieving business outcomes and thriving in the digital age.

Digital changes the path your leaders must take to achieve future business outcomes. Developing these digital capabilities requires Infrastructure & Operations Professionals to meet these new business demands with infrastructure agility and operational flexibility. You need to enable private and public cloud infrastructure, the consumerization of devices and productivity apps, service management, and resiliency. And all of this takes new people, processes, technologies, and vendors.

This Forum has been designed to address tomorrow’s digital-fueled business outcome challenges and how you can play a more relevant and vocal role with your business leaders.

Attendees will gain insight into:

  • Tomorrow’s business outcomes. Learn from our research and industry speakers what business outcomes executives seek and what technology competencies they demand.
  • New demands on infrastructure and operations. Set net new paths to provide the agility and flexibility needed to deliver the business outcomes of the digital age.
  • Infrastructure agility to fuel digital business outcomes. Develop strategies to support private and public cloud computing as well as the consumerization of devices and productivity applications.
  • Operational flexibility to support digital business outcomes. Design service management practices that put the customer first and strive for operational excellence, automation, and business resiliency.
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