Forrester's Forum for Sales Enablement Professionals Arizona 2013




Current sales and marketing approaches to driving B2B revenues are ripe for modernization. The old ways of working simply aren’t cutting it in these tough economic times. Why? Your customers and clients want new ways to engage and conduct business in this “do more with less” economy. And you need to keep pace if you want to grow revenue.

Communicating value from your buyers’ point of view is what will win wallet share, land new accounts, and grow your channels going forward. And that requires systematic thinking and new processes to market, sell, and support your partners.

During this results-oriented Forum, Forrester will unveil the principles and practices of the new science of accelerating revenue. In addition, your peers will demonstrate how they are putting these practices into action. And together we will test these ideas in our on-site “lab.” You will leave this Forum with new, practicable Forrester frameworks and tools to apply with immediate impact on your bottom line.

Join your peers, and make the transition:

  • From cross-selling disappointment to success from your account-based growth strategies.
  • From funnel fallout to lead-to-revenue efficiency and effectiveness.
  • From channel disruption to growing partner loyalty and revenues.
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