Forrester's Forum For Security & Risk Professionals EMEA 2013




Your leaders demand new strategies, new architectures, new ecosystems, and new competencies. You and your team must secure tomorrow’s digital-fueled business outcomes in the digital age.

Forrester has designed this Forum to address tomorrow’s digital-fueled business outcome challenges and how you can play a more relevant and vocal role with your business leaders.

Digital capability — social, mobile, cloud, data, and analytics — disrupts business models and value streams, introduces new competitive threats, and comes with new demands from your customers and employees. Digital also changes the path your leaders must take to achieve future business outcomes. To grow, our businesses must expand into new markets, acquire new customers, embrace different partners, and deliver innovative products and services with embedded digital capability — safely and securely. And that’s our challenge as Security & Risk Professionals; we must manage the risks introduced by these new digital capabilities and provide secure, trustworthy products and services to our employees, customers, and partners.

Attendees will gain insight into:

  • Tomorrow’s business outcomes. Learn from our research and industry speakers what business outcomes executives seek and what technology competencies they demand.
  • New demands on security and risk programs. Learn new ways to protect your organization’s brand and manage risk to secure tomorrow’s business outcomes.
  • Flexible security that embeds in the business to support digital business outcomes. Gain new strategies and tools for securing extended, cloud, and mobile environments, protecting your critical customer and business data, responding to tomorrow’s cybersecurity threats, and deploying innovative security technology, intelligence, and services.
  • Business-oriented risk management to drive digital business outcomes. Develop the skills, governance, and processes to identify, evaluate, and treat new types of risk.
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