Forrester's Summit for Marketing & Strategy Professionals Shanghai 2013




Welcome to the “age of the customer,” where the one true, defensible competitive advantage is to become customer-obsessed. To gain this competitive advantage in China, companies must focus their efforts on understanding, delighting, and connecting with the local market. That requires a deep understanding of Chinese customers’ attitudes towards and adoption of technologies such as social and mobile.

Attendees will learn how to deliver personalized brand experience to their customers across digital touchpoints and position themselves to win in the “age of the customer”.

At this Summit, Forrester analysts and marketing executives will help you learn how to thrive in the age of the customer. Key takeaways will include:

  • How to leverage the digital behavior, attitudes, and motivations of Chinese consumers across digital touchpoints.
  • How to build a marketing ecosystem that blends digital and traditional channels to create the reach, depth, and engagement you’ll need to succeed in China.
  • How to differentiate your brand by building a compelling experience that speaks to the unique demands of Chinese consumers.


  • Discover and plan for what's next. Through keynote and track sessions led by Forrester analysts, we deliver researched insight into a technology fueled future, strategic frameworks, and practical advice designed to help you set vision, define strategy, and tackle your business challenges the day you return to the office.
  • Learn from your peers and other experts in the field. Keynote speakers, who are dealing with the same challenges as you, will share their success stories and respond to your questions.
  • Engage with Forrester analysts. Through pre-scheduled 1-on-1 Meetings, speak with Forrester analysts to think through how to apply what you are learning back at your company.
  • Connect with peers. During discussions and roundtables or over a drink, share and gain knowledge and new perspectives from a network of peers — facing similar challenges.
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