FT Digital Media Conference 2014




The FT’s flagship Digital Media Conference brings together leaders of global media groups and today’s most exciting entrepreneurs to explore which new digital powers are driving the future of media and what it takes to make money from these fast-growing industries.

The 2014 conference, hosted by the FT’s West Coast Managing Editor Richard Waters, will focus on answering the tough financial questions about digital business models and monetisation, including:

  • Disruption and opportunity: How will industry revenue streams evolve in the face of increasing digital disruption?
  • Know your audience: What changes should media companies expect in their global customer base and how will this impact future revenue models?
  • The monetization dilemma: Should you bet your future on advertising or subscription revenue? What are the pros and cons of both models?
  • Making mobile pay: Why are most companies still struggling to make significant money from mobile?
  • The business of social: Which approaches to monetizing social are working?


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