Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit Barcelona 2013




The conference will help drive your organization towards analytic excellence by addressing questions like: What is new in BI? How do analytics and BI relate? How do firms develop an effective BI strategy? What methods of improving data quality work? How do you get business user involvement in BI? How to link BI to Master Data Management initiatives? Are cloud analytics offerings viable?

Hot topics to be covered:

  • The Future of Business Intelligence
  • Integrating Analytics and BI
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Mobile BI
  • Big Data and Big Data Analytics

The value of BI lies ultimately in its ability to transform decision making. The best business outcomes arise from BI programs that deliver what users need to make fact-based, analytic, collaborative decisions (not just by giving them better access to data).

Analytic excellence requires initiatives that reduce the gap between BI producers, enablers and consumers. It also demands that BI teams embrace a portfolio of BI platform, performance management and discrete analytic technologies, in order to expand the use cases covered and their relevance to the decisions end users need to make. This approach means learning from what business teams are doing to meet their own requirements, figuring out what broader “information products” are most valuable and where BI solution architectures should integrate these deliverables.

Through analyst sessions, problem-solving workshops and peer interaction, you'll gain the insight necessary to:

  • Practical advice building your BI strategy
  • Review key trends & future direction of BI
  • Advance user experience of BI initiatives
  • Advice on getting started
  • Understand what models drive success with BI
  • Benchmark & compare organizational structure
  • Gartner's objective view vendors & products
  • Establish foundational knowledge
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