Gartner Business Intelligence & Information Management Summit Sydney 2013




Widespread adoption of business analytics has resulted in a fundamental shift of BI strategy towards being more future facing. Gone are the days of descriptive reporting of qualitative data with organizations now moving towards the use of technologies and approaches that are predictive and prescriptive using a richer pallet of different types of data to enable future business decisions.

Hot topics to be covered:

  • Effective BI Strategy
  • Information Governance
  • Big Data and Big Data Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Performance Improvement

Organizations continue to be challenged in developing their capabilities in information or fact-based decision making. Not only IT professionals but business leaders as well have to overcome numerous information hurdles to improve their organization's decision-making abilities. Taking this leap forward means increased complexity: changing engagement models, skills, roles and cultural shifts, the enhancement of existing technologies as well as the adoption of new ones.

This year's Summit focuses attention around how organizations should continue the journey in maturing their skills, developing their technology portfolio, managing new information sources and instilling new analytical capabilities. The underlying theme of the Summit Analyze. Predict. Act shows the progression that needs to be made from purely reporting to an enterprise that values and nurtures information.

Insight into the hot topics business and IT executives care about most:

  • Understand business forces that will affect IT leaders and their BIIM initiatives
  • Making the right innovation choices at the right time
  • Evaluating market dynamics when making investment decisions
  • Deliver measurable ROI
  • Reducing costs by melding emerging technologies with existing tools and infrastructure
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