Gartner IT Financial, Procurement & Asset Management Summit Orlando 2014




This summit pulls together and creates a setting for the IT financial, procurement, vendor and asset management community to connect and share ideas, experiences and best practices on the latest topics.

Focused on practical advice and results, you'll learn about hot topics such as effective cost optimization, evaluating ITAM strategies, strategies to contain licensing costs, vendor management, cloud computing and more.

Learn to craft a strategy that addresses the changing IT landscape to keep your IT costs from escalating.

Learn to:

  • manage the latest contract clauses
  • decipher hidden factors to keep costs from escalating
  • avoid new compliance challenges
  • better align IT investment with business needs
  • communicate risks to business leaders
  • discover ways to manage BYOD
  • reign in the latest and greatest in IT

There is no question that IT delivers value to businesses, but curent and future trends are changing the way that IT costs are funded, consumed and managed. As software contracts and licensing become more difficult to manage and control, organizations must understand these impacts to allow for IT's success. This Summit will put your business on the right path to understanding how to achieve long-term sustainability.


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