Gartner Master Data Management Summit Texas 2013




Master Data Management helps organizations perform better by creating a single coherent version of customers, products and suppliers. But how do you get started? And if you've laid a foundation, how do you become world-class?

Designed to address all MDM maturity levels, Gartner Master Data Management Summit delivers the tools, technologies and best practices to help you take control of your masterdata and dramatically improve business performance.

Hot topics to be covered:

  • Big data, cloud, social & mobile impact on MDM
  • Building an MDM business case and strategy
  • Roles, stakeholders & organizational change
  • Advancing master data governance
  • Effective MDM technology infrastructure

Mobile, social, cloud and analytics are transforming the playing field. Businesses must leverage these new technologies to remain relevant, build partnerships, contain costs and stay competitive. Yet these rapidly advancing IT trends also mean unprecedented potential for business growth and change, bringing new hurdles to maintaining a trusted, unified view of data assets.

The Gartner Master Data Management Summit delivers the essential tools, recommendations and next steps you need to launch or expand a successful MDM program. Four comprehensive tracks cover everything from business buy-in, budgeting and MDM fundamentals to improving and advancing existing programs and making sure MDM is linked to the right data sources, business functions and IT infrastructure.

Join us this spring and discover everything you need to know to implement an effective MDM program or advance existing MDM efforts.

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