Information Development World San Jose 2014




Information Development World is the first—and only—conference dedicated to helping organizations create exceptional customer experiences centered around content. Our goal is to bring together the brightest minds in the content arena—content strategists, technical communicators, content marketers, product managers, customer assistance specialists, translators, localizers, taxonomists, and user experience professionals—to demystify the methods, standards, tools and technologies needed to deliver exceptional omni-channel customer experiences.

What topics will be covered?

Information Development World will feature workshops, presentations, case studies, demonstrations, and panel discussions on topics necessary for all content professionals to understand in order to create exception customer experiences, including:

  • Content strategy

  • Content engineering

  • Content marketing

  • Translation and Localization

  • Digital publishing

  • Structured content

  • Technical communication

  • Analytics and measurements

In addition, the conference will also include:
• Special vendor-sponsored pre-conference educational events
• A selection of pre-conference, half- and full-day workshops
• The University of California, Berkeley Innovation Forum, and
• The Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) Summit

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