Internet Marketing Conference Toronto 2013




Improve your ability to manage digital media, marketing & communications. Exchange ideas, hear case studies, learn leading strategies, and get tactical advice you can apply immediately. Connect with an international community of digital marketers.

A packed agenda focused on:

  • Content Strategy: Email, Video, Website, SEO
  • Community Strategy: Design, Engage, Connect and Converse
  • Campaigns: Display, Re-Targeting, Social and Mobile
  • Insights and Performance: User Experience, Testing and Analytics

You値l learn from industry leaders and peers, their successes and challenges. You値l see case studies and participate in lively discussions. You値l network with both local and global professionals like-minded people facing the same challenges as you:

  • Take home practical, tactical advice you can apply immediately
  • Get up to speed on marketing technology without becoming an engineer
  • Improve your ability to manage multiple campaigns across multiple platforms
  • Learn how to get insights out of data without becoming a statistician

At IMC Toronto we値l explore, discuss and debate today痴 challenges, opportunities and solutions:

  • Are the web marketing lessons of the past 10 years still relevant?
  • Do we still need to be 都ite focused?
  • What is our Cross-Platform Content Strategy?
  • Who should manage our social media initiatives? Is it replacing PR?
  • Should we spend more on campaigns, technology or people?
  • Is now the time to test mobile? What does a mobile strategy look like?
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