Jfokus Stockholm 2013




Jfokus is the largest annual conference for everyone who works with Java in Sweden. The conference is arranged together with Javaforum Stockholm. Javaforum is a Swedish developer community and an official Java User Group (JUG) with premier purpose is to support Swedish developers.

During three days, you will have an unique opportunity to keep yourself updated with the latest development of the Java platform through numerous interesting sessions.

Jfokus gather rock-star speakers, both from Sweden and internationally. The focus is system development with Java and surrounding techniques like dynamic languages and agile methodologies. Jfokus is the best way for you to get the latest trends and buzz about Java from people who live and breathe technology on a daily basis.

Featured Sessions:

  • Secrets of an Agile Architect
  • Thinking and Programming in Functional Style
  • Ways to Build a Modern Web Application
  • A Practical Guide to Modularity in the Cloud Age
  • First steps to Scala
  • Performance Optimization Methodology
  • Behaviour Driven Development with Cucumber for Java
  • and more!
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