Kentico Connection Sydney 2014




Get where you want to be! Pushing yourself to the limit has never been so easy. Keep your eye on the prize at Kentico Connection Sydney 2014.

Kentico Connection is a 2-day event split into 3 amazing tracks. Those attending the full conference are free to jump between tracks. But believe me, you’ll wish you could be in 2 places at once.

Kentico up close. Deep Technological dives into key aspects of the platform and its capabilities.

Kentico in real life. Stories from partners and clients about what they actually achieve with Kentico.

Kentico for success. Get where it's at with sophisticated digital marketing.

Our purpose at Kentico Connection is simply to exchange knowledge with our partners and clients, as well as to interact and engage with those who share our mission - to bring sophisticated digital marketing to businesses of all sizes.

Why come? Because smart brands get where they're going by knowing how to get there. We'll show you the way…

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