LeadsCon New York 2014




Founded in 2007, LeadsCon showcases the best people and companies in vertical media and direct-response marketing. 5000+ people rely each year on LeadsCon for unparalleled insights and access to marketing leaders. Those who desire accountability in their marketing spend and have results-driven marketing objectives — from per click to per inquiry.

With over 1700 attendees, 100+ speakers and 30+ sessions, 2 keynote presentations and 7 official networking opportunities and unlimited opportunities to connect with thought leaders,peers and prospects, LeadsCon New York is the most important event for Lead Gen and Performance Marketing — anywhere. Three events will converge in New York with LeadsCon New York, Lead Buyer’s Summit, and B2B LeadsCon. New topics and opportunities at LeadsCon New York – Mobile/Call Marketing, New Models For Lead Acquisition, National Brands with Local Demand, Emerging Opportunities with SMB/P2P Lending and Student Loan Consolidation, Post-Click/Post-Call Customer Engagement, and much more!

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