Magnolia Amplify Miami 2013




Magnolia Amplify, Miami is a collection of workshops & presentations to increase customers' and partners' knowledge base, exchange ideas and practices.

Magnolia Amplify is a new breed of Magnolia events to sharpen existing users' skills through the delivery of focused presentations and workshops, co-presented by Magnolia developers and experienced customers and partners. The first event will take place in Miami Beach, Florida.

For developers using Magnolia CMS, this intensive 3-day event will sharpen your skills and help you develop new ones. Be the first to learn about developing with Magnolia 5 and take advantage of our best practice and focused workshops to elevate your use of Magnolia CMS to the next level.

Presentations will be co-presented by Magnolia's own developers as well as customers and partners. This format will ensure you come away with Magnolia's best practice development theory, as well as actual and practical implementation examples.

Innovative integrations, detailed insight and best practice are all guaranteed on the technical track. See what your peers are doing and benefit from the experience of others at any of our technical presentations.

Magnolia Amplify is an excellent opportunity to talk with your peers about making best use of Magnolia CMS and tackling key challenges in Magnolia deployments. Be one of the first to experience the future of web content management with an exclusive demo and presentation of Magnolia CMS 5.

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