Mark My Word Conference India 2013




Mark My Word is the world's first Content and Design Conference being held in association with Quark 2013. The speaker line up for MMW would include stalwarts from the various fields of content and design- namely in the form of artists, lyricists, twitter celebs, screenplay writers, journalists, novelists, web designers, architects, fashion designers and ad gurus.

Why Content and Design?

The two institutions of Content and Design are, indirectly, the most discussed concepts amongst working professionals today. They govern most of our lives, whether it's in the form of Christmas cards or feature films or e-commerce websites. Sadly, however, these two concepts and the relationship between them have never been spoken about under one banner, and that's exactly what we wish to accomplish.

With MMW, we hope to set the platform for further discussions in the fields of Content and Design. Our focus, as is evident, is on touching everyone while sticking to the topic. So whether you're a grocery store owner, a giant multinational or just the average movie buff- this conference holds relevance in your life.

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