Midsize Enterprise Summit Dallas 2014




Today’s Midsize Enterprise CIOs are tackling their toughest challenges ever in face of a tech landscape changing faster than anyone can keep pace. Business is demanding more from IT than ever before while workplaces fill with next-generation tech-savvy workers challenging the status quo at every turn. Developing sound decision-making strategies for managing these disruptive forces, budgets and expectations will determine success or failure. Fast action is required for today’s CIOs, who are under enormous pressure to redefine their roles. They must prove they can accelerate business-driven IT with solutions driven by the forces of cloud, mobility, social and analytics. This new, adaptable IT leader must also master the art of creating process efficiency that adds value to the business. At MES, CIOs will face the issues, discover strategies and ultimately master the techniques needed in this new age of IT. Gain the insight that every CIO needs to move to the center of innovation.


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