MLconf NYC 2014




Machine learning and big data processing are ubiquitous in the operations of every modern company. New machine learning algorithms platforms and applications have emerged in industry and academia. Come and learn about the most fascinating advances in ML from the experts. The head of Google Research NY, Corinna Cortes will present the largest scale ML deployment, while Claudia Perlich a serial KDD cup champion will discuss her experience in practical machine learning. We’ll host a series of talks on bleeding-edge ML-platforms, like: H2o, Logicblox, Cloudera and Ayasdi. Samantha Kleinberg will present her new interesting results with inference from uncertain data in diabetes using continuous sensor data with a tie in to google glass. Animashree Anandkumar will introduce you to the world of tensors, teaching you how you to apply the use of tensors to solving machine learning problems.

Join us on Friday, April 11th in New York City for a full-day conference on Machine Learning. We’ll have Presentations from Google, Yahoo, Cloudera, Ayasdi, 0xdata, and many more.

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