Mobile Insider Summit




This is bigger than a move to the “post-PC” world. Mobile media is not just another screen for the same digital campaigns to run. For brands, the smartphone is a relationship device. It gets marketers closer to the consumer physically and psychologically and ready for every milestone in the purchase paths. Mobile isn't a medium. It allows the smartest brands to become a mainstay, a companion, not just a salesman. In the historic move away from advertising as we have known in for the past century of mass media, the most personal media device is defining the new normal for relating to customers. This isn't just “post-PC.” This is post-mass media. This is post-reach-and-frequency. This where “relationship” is not just a buzzword and where brands need to be both relevant and useful. This time it’s personal.

At the winter Mobile Insider Summit we highlight the many ways in which the most mobilized brands are cultivating and deepening real relationships with their customers. From finding your core constituency and super-serving them through apps to tracking the nuances of your customer’s evolving purchase path, from integrating mobile into the messaging strategy to stoking the mobile social channels with content that delights rather than sells, mobile works when marketer master the intimacy the platform offers.

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