MobileTech Conference Munich 2013




After the Mobile Hype now begins the mobile reality! The MobileTechCon is the conference that provides you with the necessary technical and strategic knowledge to build sustainable mobile strategies. You will receive valuable information about app development on various platforms as well as innovative business models pioneering companies. The conference speakers are not only pioneers of the scene but experienced Mobile consultants and developers.

By cross-platform concept of the conference developers, consultants and strategists Mobile get exactly the right information mix they need for successful mobile projects. In addition, you can benefit from the “lessons learned” known mobile projects in the consumer and in the enterprise environment.

Immerse yourself in the mobile world and benefit from the expertise of the speakers, from stimulating discussions and valuable contacts with other participants, speakers and innovative technology providers!

Featured Tracks:

  • Mobile Business
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Mobile Platforms
  • Mobile WebApps
  • Mobile Websites
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