Nuxeo World Paris 2012




Nuxeo is pleased to invite you to the third edition of its international conference about Content Management technology and how the Nuxeo Platform can change the way content applications are built.

Whether you're a partner, a user, or a customer, Nuxeo World provides multiple opportunities to discuss Content Management topics and share experiences about Document Management, Digital Asset Management, Case Management, Collaboration and more. We would love to hear how Nuxeo solutions have impacted your business, and give you a chance to share your knowledge and expertise with others in the industry.

For the 2012 conference, we've improved the format, so it is better adapted to our audience. This year, the conference sessions will be one day, and the second day will be for workshops.

We decided to make this change after listening to feedback from last year's attendees. They clearly expressed a need for more hands-on, practical sessions, where attendees could learn the latest about the Nuxeo Platform. We thought the best way to do so would be to offer workshops on the second day of the conference.

Why attend?

•Discuss topics that matter to you, such as Content Management technology, Document Management, Digital Asset Management, Case Management, and Collaboration

•Learn how Nuxeo can impact your business

•Take note of best practices in the Content Management field

•Network with industry experts

•Join the Friday training sessions and learn how to use the latest features of the Nuxeo

•Reach an audience that is tuned in to Content Management and Open Source

Who should attend?

•Developers and Architects






•Competitors (after all, we're open!)

•Anyone interested in Content Management or Open Source

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