Open Business Conference San Francisco 2013


In 2013, how the enterprise gathers, mines, analyzes and puts data to work separates winners from losers in the market. But this is nothing new. Major enterprises have long used sophisticated data warehousing and data mining strategies, built on complex and expensive proprietary software and hardware, to gain competitive advantage. In the past decade, however, open source has increasingly lowered the bar to Big Data adoption. More and more, Big Data has become the key to owning new markets and growing business – and open source has fueled the Big Data trend, serving as the force of innovation in cloud, data and mobile technologies. Computerworld’s Open Business Conference (OSBC) is the premier forum for learning from and sharing with the industry’s top strategists in open technologies, helping attendees to discover and deploy game winning open source game planes. It is ground zero for learning from the experts, and to network with open source peers, developers and sponsors -- including sessions on the following:
  • Building data-rich mobile services with open APIs to navigate the confusing labyrinth of cloud computing projects to better process data
  • How to decipher the data explosion and put data to work for your enterprise
  • How to capitalize on the cutting edge technologies being offered, including Cassandra, Hadoop, OpenStack and more
  • Ways to connect with the developers, users and companies behind technologies like HTML5 frameworks such as jQuery and Sproutcore, NoSQL databases like Mongo
This two-day conference covers the open source strategic challenges that IT management deals with on a daily basis and the implementation of tactical issues that IT practitioners grapple with. In addition, this year, OSBC will feature content focused for the developer community to ensure continued Open Source innovation. Come for sessions on sharing, teaching and communicating ways to build the best code will join sessions on the best ways to design mobile apps and how to function in an Open Cloud. Conference Tracks include:
  • Data
  • Cloud
  • Open Source
  • Mobile
Sessions include:
  • Open source and strategies for driving data-driven businesses
  • How enterprise software infrastructure can support the consumerization of IT
  • Which technologies and vendors are poised to dominate the Big Data movement?
  • How open source is influencing the economic impact on customers in terms of storage, pricing and query time
  • How open source is driving tomorrow’s technologies by providing infrastructure for Cloud, Big Data, Mobile and more
  • Open source as competitive advantage
  • The state of Hadoop, Cassandra, OpenStack and more
  • Current trends in mobile application development, including HTML5 frameworks such as jQuery and Sproutcore
  • Using Open Source tools to track and mine unstructured, as well as structured data
  • Using Social Media and Mobile for the analysis of customer data and needs

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