O'Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference New York 2013




Every February, the publishing industry gathers at the O'Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference (TOC) to explore the forces that are transforming publishing and focus on solutions to the most critical issues facing the publishing world. TOC sells out every year—don’t miss its potent mix of fabulous people and invaluable information.

This year we’ll be covering:

  • User Experience. The vast array of new platforms and new formats has made crafting a quality user experience more challenging—and more crucial—than ever before. At TOC 2013, you’ll discover how to create a superb user experience—no matter what the media.
  • Collaboration and Connection. Explore ingenious ways to reach out and work together within the industry, and across industries; authors to publishers/authors to readers/publishers to readers.
  • All Things “Open” (Think Platforms, Standards, and Systems). Learn about the open platforms, standards, and systems that will help your publishing program survive—and thrive—throughout the changes ahead.
  • Publishing-Related Technologies. Master advanced publishing-related technologies, learn unsurpassed digital design techniques, and see, up-close and personal, the emerging technologies that will streamline your work life.
  • Best Practices & Business Models. It’s not easy to pin down the best practices or design successful business models in an industry that’s evolving as quickly as ours. Get an in-depth look at successful experimental publishing models and best practices.
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