paidContent New York 2013




Clay Shirky has said publishing “isn’t an industry any more — it’s a button,” and that truth is having an impact on everything from books and newspapers to television and music. Our conference is called paidContent — but both parts of that phrase are undergoing fundamental disruption, as the media landscape continues to change more quickly than at almost any other time in our history.

The rise of digital media, new content-creation and distribution platforms and new media players of all kinds is changing the way that media is consumed, the way it is created, the way it is distributed and most importantly the way that it is paid for.

How do traditional content-focused companies need to change their behavior as a result of these changes? What are some of the models and opportunities that show the most promise? What new technologies or platforms are already a major influence, or are likely to become one in the future? And what are some of factors that will help determine who succeeds and who doesn’t? Those are the kinds of questions that we want to help our attendees answer, and our speakers and moderators will be there to do that.

With the rise of the social web and user-generated content networks, there has been an explosion of content for users to consume. That means more choice — but it also means a lot more noise. We look at some of the ways media companies are trying to solve this problem.

Featured Sessions:

  • The Rise of the Digital New Media Entity
  • Personalization, Algorithms and Smart Content Filters
  • Are Apps or the Web the Future of Mobile Content
  • How to Monetize Digital Content - Advertising or Paywall
  • The Future of Advertising: When Ads become Content
  • Lessons from the Blogging Elite
  • and more
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