Performance Marketing Insights New York 2013




Performance Marketing Insights is a two-day, content-led performance marketing conference aimed at ‘C’ level executives and marketing professionals. Delivering world-class international speakers, programmed within an advanced-level agenda comprising of the latest industry innovation, technology, collaboration and new revenue stream opportunities coupled with unrivalled networking.

Over recent years Affiliate Marketing has evolved spectacularly, growing enormously in value, transparency and reputation. Today it’s a distinct part of performance-based marketing, a channel that clouds boundaries, inspires innovation, creates new revenue streams for Publishers and is cost-effective for Advertisers.

Performance Marketing Insights: New York will host a variety of structured networking options that complement our audience and size. You won’t get lost or hounded. You will have the right conversations with the right people.


  • Exceptional Content & World-Class Speakers
  • Case Studies, Debates & Actionable Insights
  • Structured & Inclusive Networking Opportunities
  • Smarter Performance Marketing Strategies
  • Multi-Channel Publishers
  • Forward-Thinking Advertisers
  • High level Conversations

Limited in numbers by design, the two-day conference will bring together senior marketing professionals that are looking to leap ahead of their peers, expedite industry innovation and embrace new revenue streams through the “performance umbrella” including Search, Social, Affiliate, Mobile, Display, Data & Analytics and E-mail.

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