PR Measurement Summit Washington DC 2013




PR measurement remains the golden ticket to leadership support of, and confidence in, your PR strategies. Our PR Measurement Summit will give you the tools and insights to define the right metrics for your PR communications. You'll hear from 16 PR pros who have gathered tips and best practices that will empower you to prove your worth when you return to the office!

You will learn how to:

  • Use practical skills to increase the value of your work every day
  • Measure the power of your social media content and strategy
  • Identify the activities, content and websites that drive the most traffic to your site
  • Tell the difference between success measurements and true ROI
  • Show the ROI of what you do by setting measurable goals
  • Transform highly negative sentiment into positive sentiment post-crisis
  • Lay out the exact value of your work to managers and executives
  • Apply the Barcelona Principles to your PR measurement
  • Determine what your goals should be for social media
  • Master free metrics dashboards to monitor what's hot on social channels
  • Track traditional and digital media mentions of your products and services, including sentiment and share of voice
  • Dig deeper into measurement data to get and act upon unique insights
  • Redefine value in ways that will move your brand forward
  • Use metrics to gauge brand reputation during and after a crisis
  • Monitor your Facebook page, Twitter feed and blog from one dashboard
  • Set up a social intelligence supply chain based on lessons from the best organizations
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