PREX14 Portland 2014




The 2014 Conference on Preservation Excellence is a legal conference focused exclusively on improving the legal preservation process. PREX14 will build on the last two conferences by providing comprehensive sessions with nationally recognized experts and ample opportunities for peer-to-peer learning.

PREX is the only conference nationally that provides guidance and clarity in the area of data preservation and legal holds. Unlike typical e-discovery conferences that can at best provide a cursory overview, this conference is designed to drill down into the step-by-step realities of the preservation process.

The curriculum will emphasize real-world techniques for navigating the challenges of preservation and meet the standards of care demanded by the courts — while minimizing the burden in terms of both costs and labor.

We hope you will join us September 10-11 at the Portland Art Museum in the heart of Portland for this unique learning opportunity that can benefit you and your organization immediately.

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