Renaissance San Francisco 2013




App makers are more than programmers. App makers are people who turn ideas into apps that ship and make a difference in the world. If you're a programmer, you might also be an app maker, but only if you know that you are making something bigger than your code. If you're not a programmer, you might still be an app maker, but you'll need to know something about programming to succeed. However you start, the best thing for you to know is someone else who is working through the same challenges as you. We can introduce you to a few hundred.

Renaissance brings together experts in a variety of important topics for three days of sharing, learning, and connecting. Join us and get the knowledge and connections that you need to go further than you've ever gone before.

Featured Tracks:

  • DESIGN - Learn how to design apps that people want, and hear from the designers of some of the most popular apps on iOS.
  • BUSINESS - Meet people who are running successful businesses creating and publishing apps or making apps for hire.
  • TECHNOLOGY - Without technology, there would be no apps. Meet experts and get the understanding that you need to succeed.
  • iOS - We think that the best devices, the best market, and the best software development technology make iOS the best platform for apps. That's why Renaissance is all about making apps for iOS.
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